Pests to Look Out for While Purchasing a New Home

Pests to Look Out for While Purchasing a New Home

Buying a new property is a huge investment. Purchasing a home and then finding out about pests or other intrusive insects is obviously very annoying and unwelcome. It is better to keep an eye out for certain pests before making the purchase in order to avoid any such unfavorable situations later. Home-buyers rarely even think or ask the previous owner about any pest situation in the property.

Pest Control Flora Hill professionals also provide pest inspections for home-buyers which you can invest in before moving into any property. Australian home-buyers need to keep an eye out for pests such as ants, termites, silverfish, mice and rats, cockroaches, possums, and spiders among others while looking for a new home. Continue reading ahead to know more about these pests that you need to look out for while purchasing a new home:

Ants & Termites

Ants and termites are pests that can infest any property and damage its structural strength too. Termites and carpenter ants can feast on the wooden furniture and flooring. Ants also can contaminate stored food and make it inedible. Some species of ants are known to spread harmful diseases among humans. Hence, it is crucial to check the property for signs like sawdust trails, and pathways, live ants, ant nests, etc.

On the other hand, finding doors and windows that do not open or shut easily, termite mounds, and mud tubes are some identifiable signs of a termite infestation on the property. You should definitely ask questions to the seller if you come across these pest infestation signs. Termite infestation is a common issue across Australian homes. Hence, taking immediate action against their elimination needs to be done to prevent greater losses in the future.


Silverfish are small wingless insects with a silver-grey tinge and scaly body like a fish. Identifying a silverfish infestation is easier due to these physical characteristics. They can be found in dark places such as basements, attics, door frames, laundry areas, bathrooms, pantries, etc. These are the places you definitely need to look at for a silverfish infestation. Yellow stains and metallic and opaque-looking dead skin cells are a sign of a silverfish infestation. And you should ask for Silverfish Pest Control Service Bendigo to be done before making the property purchase. It is better to have professional services done before you move in and find your favorite books, important documents, and magazines devoured by these pesky insects.


Rats, mice, and rodents are also among the highly destructive pests any property can have. Rodents can gnaw and chew on electrical wiring, insulation, and HVAC units triggering potential fire hazards. They can spread diseases such as bubonic plague, Hantavirus, salmonella, leptospirosis, etc. Finding gaps and openings around piping from where the wiring for the electrical and other outlets comes in, can also be an entry point for rodents.

Have such openings and gaps sealed by the original property owner or find another property instead of struggling with a rodent infestation later. Similarly, large shrubs and overgrown vegetation around the property can also facilitate the entry of pests into the property. Hence, it is either better to look for a property with minimal vegetation or have the existing ones trimmed down before the purchase.


These creatures may look cute but they are not harmless in any sense! Just like rats and mice, they can wreak a lot of destruction and havoc in any property they find themselves in. which is why it is better to steer clear of this pest with the help of possum removal services offered by Pest Control StrathfieldsayeThese creatures are abundant in areas that are near green and forested areas and can be highly aggressive if attacked. Hence it is better to pay close attention while making the property purchase.

Possums can enter into attics if the property is near a huge tree. They also burrow areas like sheds for making their nesting. They prefer areas that offer warmth and dampness. These creatures can carry disease-spreading pathogens and germs. Their activities cause damage to wiring and insulation too. Hence, having the property inspected thoroughly for the presence of possums is a must as also knowing and eliminating any factors that may attract them to the property.

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