Things to Know About the Australian Cockroach & How to Get Rid of Them

Things to Know About the Australian Cockroach & How to Get Rid of Them

Cockroaches are of various types and species. They are the most resilient and strong creatures. They can survive in any type of climatic condition without food and water for a long time. Australian subcontinent also houses various types of cockroaches. However, the one that grows up to 5cm is the Australian type! If your residence has a cockroach infestation, pest control Epsom is the safest and most effective solution for the elimination of these pests from any property type. Read more about this species in this blog and ways to get rid of them from your residence:

What does an Australian Cockroach look like?

Australian cockroaches have a red-brown color with yellow lines near their head and wings. The wings that they have on their front are tough and cloudy while the ones at the back are thin. They have large eyes and slender legs meant for running.

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Some interesting things to know about Australian Cockroach:

Good at flying Australian cockroaches can fly extremely well. They can effortlessly fly and move into your home from nearby vegetation if any near your house. Egg capsules that are hard to spot Female Australian cockroaches produce egg capsules also known as oothecae which they then place near food cabinets and shelves in sheltered areas in the home. The oothecae are not just inaccessible but also can be tough to even identify for removal through home remedies. The female cockroach masks the eggs by hiding them in narrow spaces or below movable things so that is impossible to access them in order to throw them off.

Prefer hot and humid areas They love heat and humidity. They like harbors, docks, ports, and shipping areas better for the humid and moist conditions these places offer. They can also breed and stay comfortably in domestic settings. Opt for cockroach control Bendigo if there is a cockroach infestation you suspect in your house or commercial establishment. They are not native to Australia Unlike their name, these species are not native to Australia. On the contrary, they are presumed to be originating from Africa. They can be found in other parts of the world as well. They hear with their legs Yes, cockroaches do not hear with their ears, but with their legs. The hair on their legs picks up the sound waves and signals and that is how these pests can hear!

How to get rid of cockroaches in your home?

  •  Seal and caulk the cracks, gaps, and openings present anywhere in walls, flooring, skirting boards, etc. These places facilitate the entry of cockroaches into your home. Blocking these crevices off is the simplest and most effective way to prevent the entry of cockroaches inside the home.
  • Wiping out and removing their nests inside your home will force them to move elsewhere and leave your property. Opting for pest control Bendigowill provides you with better and more professional solutions to rid your home of these pesky insects.
  • Clean your kitchen after making meals. Wipe down the kitchen counter so as to remove any spice or substance spillage that may have happened while cooking.
  • Cockroaches do not enter clean premises. Keep your processed food and other eatables stored in airtight flasks or containers. If your kitchen and pantry are free of strewn food crumbs or scraps they would be automatically protected from cockroach infestation.
  • Filling up holes around piping and other plumbing with the help of metallic filling or mesh can also take away their housing and eventually remove them from your home. Taking away their moisture and water sources can also force them to move to better places.
  • Spray chemicals or insecticides inside holes and openings that you think are used by cockroaches for living and breeding. This will get better results and also target more cockroaches at the same time.
  • Cut down vegetation outside your home that has overgrown and that which may be providing shelter to cockroaches.
  • Vacuum your indoors properly on a daily basis. Also vacuuming inside cracks and crevices can help in wiping out cockroach eggs and capsules in an effective manner.

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